Our Commitment: Revive the Terret Blanc


Terret is the name of the old grape variety which is mostly present in the southern France region, more specifically in the Bas-Languedoc (Hérault, Gard and Aude regions) which may be considered as their native land. The Terret exists in three colours: white, grey and black.  

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Terret Noir and Terret Gris were the most popular. Around 1830, the Terret Noir was even one of the most common grape varieties in the Hérault region. Today, the Terret Noir and Gris have nearly all disappeared leaving just the Terret Blanc.


The Terret Blanc is a thriving grape variety, with an upright growth habit, and late budding which prevents any potential damage from the early frosts in spring as well as being a late ripener. Its berries are of average size, round or slightly oval. 

The Terret Blanc can notably be identified by its three-lobed leaves with a barely open or closed petiole sinus with overlapping lobes.

Fewer Terret Blanc

Over the past 70 years, the Terret Blanc has gradually subsided, going from 6880 hectares in 1958 to 1316 hectares in 2011. The Terret Blanc is presently fairly localized within the Hérault region and mostly to the west, alongside the Thau Basin.

With over 300 hectares of Terret Blanc, the Marseillan cooperative wine cellar definitely boasts the largest surface area with this grape variety.

Revive the Terret Blanc

To preserve this wonderful Terret Blanc wine-growing area, the Caves Richemer has implemented an on-going replanting policy with their cooperative members, for over 40 hectares of Terret Blanc over 6 years.

Terre & Mer “Terret Wine, Sea Wine

To promote the Terret Blanc qualities to the general public, the Caves Richemer have three different Terre & Mer wines to propose – a dry white wine, a sweet wine and a sparkling wine (using the traditional method),  highlighting three varied approaches for the Terret Blanc grape variety … a definite must to try!


Wines made from the Terret Blanc are fresh, light and dry. They have a beautiful pale, almost crystal-clear colour with a rich aromatic palette of exotic fruits such as passion fruit, grapefruit and a lemony finish, making them perfect to drink with seafood from the Thau Basin or with most Mediterranean garlic or anchovy-based dishes.